Raised Access Floor System: Accessories


The Smart-Box
Power, Voice and Data Box

Constructed of a high grade galvanized steel frame 2 mm thick, with a virtually indestructible Lexan lid. The RFB100 box can be supplied empty for site installation of outlets or pre-wired with a customized variety of electrical, voice or data outlets to meet every requirement.

Boxes are UL approved and listed.

  • Easy to install and very flexible. The RFB100 box is lightweight and can be used in any raised access flooring system.
  • Easily installed into 8 3/4” square cut-out.
  • 10 ½” square mounting lid with insert for carpet finish.

Smart-Air Diffuser

The Smart-Air Diffuser is constructed of high impact polycarbonate/ABS complying with UL Standard 94-5V for flammability.

The Smart-Air Diffuser is a low velocity air diffuser. Designed for use in an access floor system using the under floor area as a pressurized supply air plenum. The attractive turbine patterned face produces a low velocity helical discharge pattern that achieves a high induction rate of conditioned air, obtaining optimum circulation and human comfort conditions.

A unique control damper is operable from the surface without the use of tools or removal of the face to allow for personal area control of office climate.

Standard colors of black, grey and brown. Custom colors are available if quantities warrant.

The Smart-Air diffuser is mounted to the access floor panel by means of 3 adjustable permanently attached mounting clamps. Clamps are fastened from the top without removal of the access floor panel. The Smart-Air AD2002 Diffusers are manufactured to the same high standards of quality as other raised floor products.

Engineered to help direct and distribute air flow where it is wanted, the Smart-Air Diffuser contributes to the maintenance of a comfortable work environment for employees. The Smart-Air Diffuser has been designed specifically for easy exchange and adjustment within the access flooring system. This allows for optimal performance of mechanical systems and flexibility in creating a controlled room temperature.


Grommets and Trims

Grommets and trims allow for simple connection of electronics through clean and attractive cut-outs. The face of the grommet slides to provide for cable adjustment.

AROK offers an array of grommets and trims for raised access floor systems designed to give professional office space a clean-lined finish. They are available in both round and rectangular configurations.

Round grommets are available in 3”, 4” and 5” diameters Rectangular grommets are available in two sizes: 4” x 4” square, and 4” x 8”.


Seismic Braces

For those highest risk seismic projects, AROK offers one, two, three and four leg seismicbraces that can easily be attached to any raised floor pedestal for ultimate lateral support.

Seismic braces secure AROK’s flooring system to the building structure such that any movement of the system is in concert with the structure. Providing rigidity and secure attachments to the structure is effective not only in limiting damage to the raised access flooring, but as well as minimizing damage to other systems within the building.


Lifting Devices

AROK provides a variety of lifting devices, including double suction cup and airflow panel lifters – designed to make installations and alterations simple. They can be easily stored in Lifter Wall Mount Brackets.



ACT – FloorFlex

Access Cable Trays patented cable tray system without question is the best, strongest and most cost effective solution for access flooring cable management. In today’s modern data center, FLOORFLEX system doesn’t add vertical obstruction to that air flow. The FloorFlex vertical support surrounds the floor’s existing pedestal while maintaining electrical contact with every base. No other cable tray management system can make that claim. The FloorFlex system allows for maximum tray width and most importantly places no load on the access floor (which if it did, could void the floor warranty). We offer trays in two and four foot lenths, which allows fast installation while the flooring is being installed, or it can also be installed under a completed floor with absolutely no access flooring disassembly or attachment system.



The Handrail System is a clear anodized aluminum extruded railing. The system meets ADA requirements, ASTM E-985, and the latest UBC codes. There are many design features that set our railing system apart from our competitors.

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