Raised Access Floor System: AirFlow Panels

Keeping Your Servers Cool


Aluminum Accel-Air Grate AF500

The Accel-Air die-cast aluminum air flow grate is our latest addition. With its 56% free open area, it is the best air flow panel in the industry when it comes to moving air. Made from high quality aluminum, it is available in a raw casting or powder coated epoxy finish. The Accel-Air Grate is the best solution for creating “cold” aisles for your server and equipment rooms to ensure no overheating.
Characteristics of AF500

  • Free open area of 56% allows for excellent air movement
  • The AF500 panel is built and sized for any floor system
  • Slide Damper System


Lev•A•Flow AF200

The AF200 is our standard perforated air flow panel. It has a free open area of 25% to allow significant air flow. It is completey interchangeable with the FS and S-Series panels. It properly distributes air flow to those areas where additional air is required. An adjustable damper assembly can be attached if required. Without a damper, you are capable of achieving 600 CFM at 0.1 Static Pressure.
Characteristics of AF200

  • Free open area of 25% allows for significant air movement
  • The AF200 panel is completely interchangable with FS and S-Series systems
  • Properly distributes airflow to those areas where additional air is required

Used in the following Applications

  • Data Center
  • Equipment Room
  • Computer Office
  • Industrial

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