Raised Access Floor Systems:
Data Center Advantages: Electrical Grounding, No Zinc Whiskers & High Strength Access Floor Stringers

Here are just three of several features that contribute to the durability and safety of your data center raised access flooring system  you need in your data center:
  1. Data Center Electrical Grounding: protect your equipment and data
  2. Nickel Chrome Plating: eliminate the hazards of zinc whiskering
  3. High Strength: the industry’s strongest understructure

1. Electrical Grounding

Is your data center floor grounded? If there is electrical build-up or a grounding problem on top of the floor, it can cause major problems and shut down your system.

Our access flooring manufacturer is the only manufacturer to comprehensively address this problem by incorporating a solid brass Positive Grounding Device (PGD) in every panel as standard equipment. A small detail solves a critical problem.

data center electrical build-up

Electrical Build-Up

2. No Zinc Whiskers

We have extended cleanroom technology to the data center by using nickel chrome plating on critical parts of raised access flooring within data centers.

raised access flooring

Data Center Raised Access Flooring

Zinc Whiskers are micro fibers produced when the zinc electroplated tiles of raised access flooring are strained from walking over them. When they’ve reached full growth, they have the ability to become airborne when the tiles are disturbed. When this occurs they can then pass through air filters located within the data center equipment which in turn causes short circuits and even complete system failures.

3. New High Strength Access Floor Stringers

Access floor stringers can be used to reinforce the static properties of data center access flooring. They are steel or aluminum tubes which fasten to the pedestal head to enforce lateral stability.

We now offer a unique new Conventional solid tube design U-shaped stringer!

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