HPL – High Pressure Laminate

A Breakthrough in Laminate Technology

Laminate Access Flooring System

Designed Specifically for Raised Access Floors in Conjunction with Platts Laminate Technologies.

High pressure plastic laminate access flooring is used in 90% of all data center applications, and is the largest product used on factory laminated floor finishes. Data center laminate flooring is a one piece tile (24″ x 24″) and unlike vinyl, will provide a uniform finish for raised access flooring with no joints. High pressure laminate has the advantage of not requiring wax or maintenance that could produce static problems in the data center.


  • 20% Better wear surface results than competition.
  • Revolutionary trim that is printed into the laminate under the high wear finish.
  • No routing or removal of high wear surface.
  • No exposed paper core to absorb dirt and moisture.
  • No recess to step down. Reduces chipping and caster noise. Eliminates dirt trap.
  • No surface applied paint or inks – cannot wear off.

We Use
Criss Cross Technology!

Where HPL is recommended

  • Computer Room
  • Data Centers

Access Flooring System Laminate Performance Specifications

Properties NEMA Tested Method NEMA Standard Laminated Results
Electrical Resistance NFPA 99 1.0 x 10 6 – 2.0x 10 10
Stain Resistance 3.4 No effect No effect
Boiling Water Resistance 3.5 No effect No effect
High Temperature Resistance 3.6 No effect No effect
Wear Resistance 3.13 300 cycles(min.) 5000+
Scuff Resistance 3.16 No effect No effect

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