Office Advantages of our
Raised Access Flooring System

Here are just three of many features of our raised access flooring system that provide the strength and safety required in your data center:
  1. ENVIRO Panel: Best Ultimate Loads
  2. ENVIRO Panel: Full Strength
  3. Corners Quick-Loc: Dual Support Techology

1. Ultimate Load Capacity

access flooring - ultimate load capacity

Ultimate Load Capacity

The point of failure or collapse is the single most important indicator of performance in raised access floor. Be sure to look at ultimate load when selecting an access floor panel for your application.

2. Full Strength Corners

raised access flooring - full strength corners

Full Strength Corners

High strength cement fill, along with steel designed in the corners where it is needed in an access flooring system, gives ASM the best corner panel loading in the industry. Full strong corner where it is needed most in your raised access flooring.

3. Dual Support Technology

flooring - dual support technology

Dual Support Technology

The Quick-Loc-Pedestal is the only pedestal that supports the access flooring panel on both the flange and the beam.

This design transfers the load to the center axis of the pedestal where it is supported by the vertical shaft of the pedestal. The load is transferred directly down the center of the pedestal column. This eliminates rocking which can happen when a standard flat head pedestal supports the beam of the raised access flooring system panel.

Raised Access Flooring Support At Its Best

Phoenix flooring

Raised Access Flooring

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