Raised Access Floor System: Understructures

  • Versatile understructure for all types of installations
  • Electrical resistance of less than 10 ohms
  • Our steel manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 registered

AROK’s superior finishes are effective and consistent, giving a bright and polished look with protective properties. All AROK’s parts are dipped in the corrosion-resistant finish after stamping and welding, to protect welds and raw edges from rusting.



The Quick-Loc Pedestal (patent pending) is the only pedestal that supports the panel on both the flange and the beam. This design transfers the load to the center axis of the pedestal where it is supported by the vertical shaft of the pedestal. The load is transferred directly down the center of the pedestal column. This eliminates rocking which can happen when a standard flat head pedestal supports the beam of the panel.



This is the most widely used system for general offices where carpet tile is to be installed. This system is utilized when a fully intergrated, locking system is required for mounting equipment to the access floor system. It is recommended to use a rigid grid stringer for additional strength and support. A1/4-20 threaded fastener secures the panel firmly to the pedestal system in each corner of the panel.


Rigid Grid

Offering great lateral support, this system is generally used where the panels are gravity held on the understructure. Stringers are available in 2′ (600 mm) and 4′ (1200 mm) lengths allowing for standard (2′ x 2′) or basketweave installations (4′ x 4′ or 4′ x 2′). Every stringer is hot dipped galvanized to preclude the possibility of equipment shorting as a result of zinc whiskering. Every stringer boasts solid tube construction to resist bowing and spreading during load impacts, and a solid vinyl strip for a snug, quiet fit between stringer and panel.



AROK offers the most comprehensive variety of pedestal types allowing for durable strength in any of zones 1 through 4. This full line of pedestals can further be strengthened by bolting them to the concrete slab for the most solid access flooring systems available. We introduce our Atlas Pedestal Systems, designed for optimal heavy duty support and for the most severe conditions. No other system compares for strength and simplicity.

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